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Publishing Standards

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This page is under construction, while you are welcome to read the already existing paragraphs. On this page we will summarise the standards for the publication of data, formulated as principles, developed within the NFDI4Chem project on Publication Standards. These standards should streamline the publication workflows. Authors, publishers and infrastructure operators are the audience for these standards.

How to use dataset PIDs in scientific articles

During deposition of research data, a persistent identifier (PID) is assigned to the data. Authors should use PIDs in their article for interlinking in two main ways:

  • For corresponding data, i.e. directly underlying the results reported in the article, add the PID to the article's data availability statement, or a similarly termed section. If you believe that your data publication is as decisive as the article itself, add your dataset to the references as well and cite within the text.
  • For datasets published by other researchers and reused within a study, add the PID to the reference section of the manuscript and cite within the text accordingly.

This distinction is important, because the link to the dataset in the DOI metadata of scientific articles is differently set, depending on whether the dataset is a directly related source of information or a referenced source of other researchers and its information is reused.

For a set of reactions, samples, and analyses, to assemble a study, Collection PIDs should be used rather than providing many separate PIDs. Such a study wrapped with a Collection PID can directly correspond to a published scientific article and can be referenced in a bundled manner within the data availability statement or references section.

In addition, but second-tier, the PID of a related dataset could also be mentioned in the supplementary PDF, if such a document is generated.

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