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Guide for Handling Data

Guidance for getting started:

In this section, you can find information and resources about important topics and how to handle your data. These overarching concepts will provide key information and recommendations (such as what software might be useful to you) and refer you to other appropriate pages within the knowledge base or external resources.

Data Management Plan

A data management plan (DMP) describes the strategies and measures for handling research data during and after a project. Its aim is to address and define the technical, organisational and legal aspects of research data management in a clearly defined document well in advance. Find out more about DMPs, how to write one and what tools are available:

Data Organisation

Learn how to organise your data, e.g. via appropriate file naming conventions and folder structures. In this context, data versioning, metadata & file formats are also introduced.


Find out more about the tools, resources and software that can support you with data documentation.

Data Storage and Archiving

Storing and and archiving your data needs to be carefully considered. How many copies? Where? What access do I grant? Find out more:

Data Publishing

Want to make your data available to others? Not quite sure how or where to publish your data? Find out more:

How to choose the right repository

Not sure which repository is the right one for your data? Find out more about selected reposoitories and what data types they are appropriate for: